I reached out to Karen because I was struggling with feelings of shame and self loathing and I was using alcohol and other unhealthy lifestyle choices as a way to numb my pain.
I struggled to feel any joy and felt disconnected from people around me.
Working with Karen has been a brilliant and rewarding experience.
Through her support and hypnotherapy, I have reversed negative thought patterns and my outlook on life has completely changed - all for the better!!
I was in a dark place before but now I feel joyful and excited for the future, and don’t need to drink alcohol in order to feel happy anymore.
Ms J, Isle of Man, May 2024

Well where do I start!
From as far back as I can remember, I’ve always felt insecure, had no confidence. I just felt I wasn't ‘good enough’
I had to try harder all the time (which has been exhausting). I have always kept myself busy so I didn’t think too much about my life and where it was going. All the ‘ups and downs’ in life. It’s been hard especially when I only want to do my best!
Then because of these feelings and stress, my health started to suffer. My body and mind were getting totally worn out!
I got to a stage when I thought this is what happens in life and you just have to get on with it. For better or worse!?
So then something amazing happened!!
Karen came to my rescue!
I had no idea what going to a hypnotherapist involved but I wanted to try and get my life sorted. Karen was recommended to me with the highest regard.
Karen has completely changed my life.
I am living in the moment without being preoccupied by my past life. I feel so good in myself.
I now think I’m an ok person at last.
Life is good and everyday is an adventure.
I just can’t thank you enough Karen. You have totally changed my life."
Ms V, Isle of Man, June 2024

Until about 6 months ago, my life was ruled by Anxiety, self-doubt, and that general feeling of “not being enough”. I wasn’t ever to truly be myself, constantly questioning, overthinking, and over-analysing every interaction, decision, conversation and move I made. I felt not only confused, frustrated, stressed and exhausted 24/7, but I felt “fake”, hiding my true self, feeling I had to “put on a mask” to fulfil other people’s expectations, and matching their personalities rather than having my own, both at work, with friends, and in my relationships.
I often found myself becoming over forgetful, at times losing days of memory, and questioning my own abilities, value, and really who I was as a person.
It got to the point where everything in my life should have felt amazing, and that I should have been able to truly live, grow, and progress, personally and professionally, but I just didn’t know how, I’d tried therapy, counselling, medications, all of the usual, and it just didn’t work, I either felt uncomfortable, useless, or again, masked myself to show everything was fine…. It was NOT.
Writing this now, I’m struggling to remember what else to say, words can’t do justice to the pressure I felt within my own head and the impact that had on practically every aspect of my life. That goes to show how truly transformative this work has been. If it wasn’t for Karen’s notes, and the questions and scoring in my first consultation, I honestly don’t think I’d be able to recall how bad things actually were, because my answers and feelings are now polar opposites from how I felt 6 months ago.
I still don’t understand just quite how this has worked, but, I couldn’t recommend Karen and her work enough. I’m out the other side, and now working on improving myself for the future, and I’m incredibly lucky to say Karen’s guidance will be taking me there.
From (what felt like) a total mess, to a relaxed, focussed, and confident “me” – just THANK YOU!
*** F**king Hell – THANK YOU KAREN!!!!***
Mr S, Isle of Man, March 2024

Karen, what can I say there aren’t enough stars to give you as 5⭐️ really isn’t enough!!
When I first reached out to Karen, I was trapped inside my head with a negative destructive cycle of conflicting thoughts and emotions about food. My crutch was sugar and I was defaulting to this whenever I felt stressed or needed comfort. Chocolate was literally controlling me!!
I so desperately wanted to chose nourishing foods and yet despite understanding all of the theory, found it impossible to stay in a consistent space and to achieve nutritional 'balance'. This would send me on a spiral of beating myself up psychologically.
Karen immediately put me at ease and created a safe space for me to share.
We unpicked the coping strategies to get to the root causes. My approach to food has completely changed and conflict has gone.
I feel empowered, making positive choices for my health and wellbeing.
I feel free, calm and peaceful in every area of life, well beyond the issue I approached Karen with. I am in a happy confident space and I can't thank Karen enough.
My time with Karen has been truly transformative.
Without a shadow of a doubt she is second to none in her field, the change in many aspects of life is so significant it is amazing.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart, such an amazing inspirational talented lady who is transforming lives.
Ms L, Isle of Man, March 2024

Short of writing a book on how Karen and her phenomenal skills have changed my life, I will try and summarise as briefly as I can…
It was a long and painful road before I found Karen, I had (consciously writing had not have, as this is something I no longer contend with on the same scale thanks to Karen) suffered with extreme bloating for over 10 years and had genuinely tried everything possible to try and find some relief and resolution. The bloating consumed my life, I hated my appearance, I had no confidence, I was totally paranoid about how I looked desperately trying to hide my pregnant looking belly, becoming fixated on food and losing weight, punishing myself for anything ‘bad’ I ate and ultimately becoming excessively restrictive with what I ate in order to avoid a flare up and ‘looking fat’. As someone who is already fit and active with a good diet, the abnormally distended stomach didn’t add up and I desperately wanted an answer as to why I liked like this. Low and behold nothing worked, here’s a compiled list of some of the hoops I’d jumped through: 
I’d had endless doctors appointments, to which I felt like I wasn’t listened to or taken seriously, especially as ‘this is a problem all women suffer with’…Scans, Pokes and prods, Several blood tests and stool samples, Being told by medical professionals to just accept that how my body was behaving was normal, That maybe I was just constipated and to take a laxative, That I need to take a pregnancy test as that would explain my extreme bloating, Private gut specialist investigations, Private gynaecology examinations, Getting an online fitness coach to help me lose ‘weight’, Going dairy free, Going gluten free, Low FODMAP diet, Trying different synthetic medications. 
It was only when one of the medical professionals had completed so many tests and I was still left with my initial problem and no diagnosis, that they suggested I receive some psychotherapy to deal with stress. Initially my back was up to this suggestion, thinking I’m not stressed, I deal with my stress well, I don’t let work interfere with my home life, and this to me sounds like a ‘I’m fobbing you off, as I don’t know what to tell you’ kind of answer. Unconvinced or not, I followed it up as at this point I was prepared to try anything, and that’s when I came across The Chameleon Clinic. I’d always thought about hypnotherapy as I’ve had a phobia of sick for as long as I can remember but never had it looked into. The phobia of sick also dictated how I lived my life, I couldn’t stand to be anywhere near anyone being sick, so much so I would change my boat journey if it was windy, or make sure I had a seat in first class or a cabin. I would panic about being on a bus or a coach in the fear that someone would be sick on or around me and I wouldn’t be able to escape. Being a teacher this was a really irritating phobia as I felt like I couldn’t be a responsible adult if anyone was sick. 
Karen is one of the most genuinely kind and compassionate professionals I have ever met, she was so incredibly easy to talk to and made me feel heard as soon as I started explaining my problems. She doesn’t judge but only offers advice and support, making me feel at ease and like I’d made the right decision straight away. The programme she built tackled both issues separately and now having reached the end of it, I can say with absolute certainty that I no longer suffer from extreme bloating, the last time I had an episode was September 2023 before we began the work. The same can be said for the sick phobia, I’ve managed to not run away when a child has been sick or cover my eyes and ears when it’s been on television. Being rid of these all consuming issues has made me feel like a brand new person, if someone had said to me a year ago that I would no longer be chronically inflamed and petrified of sick, I would have laughed in their face at such a ridiculously impossible suggestion. I still have work to do and habits to break but with Karen’s continued support, I’m excited to see where I’ll be at this point next year. 
Thank you Karen for everything you have done for me, you are a truly special lady x 
Ms S, Isle of Man, February 2024

After a challenging past Relationship.
Where I was emotionally abused.
To then having an amazing relationship with my partner am with today.
I didn't realise how much mental trauma was caused.
And I have this amazing partner who loves me.
But because of my past, I didn't always feel worth.
I was on antidepressants, didn't feel worth.
There was always so much over thinking going on in my mind, my anxiety was though the roof.
After meeting Karen, and going though the plan, 3 months later, I feel amazing, I feel worth, I don't over think.
Am now slowly getting off my antidepressants.
And am really really content and happy in my own mind and my anxiety has gone.
I am so so glad, i come to Karen, such a lovely lady.
Really has helped me feel me again and I have so much to appreciate, the future is bright
Thank you
Ms M - Isle of Man - Dec 23

When I first got diagnosed with depression, I assumed this phase of my life would pass by after a bit of talking therapy and medication to keep me afloat. But that is all it did, keep me afloat.
I was coasting through life just trying to make it to the next day, over and over and over for 10+ years. I missed out on so much, because I was sad, depressed, numb.
I knew I had to try something new, so I tried hypnotherapy and my one regret is that it took me so long to give up on what clearly wasn't working and explore other options!
At first my husband and I had reservations, it all sounded a bit "woo woo" and it did take some convincing to invest in this process.
But if you can find a way then I encourage you to try it and trust the process!
If someone had told me 6 MONTHS AGO I would be off my anti depressants (which I've been on for 10+ years) and be free of all the negative feelings holding me back, I would have thought "Yeah, right! This is just who I am now, no hope for me." But I promise you there is hope for you (YOU - person reading the testimonials to decide if this is for you)! I am full of hope and joy and excitement which I didn't know I could feel anymore after years of just being numb to everything.
I have learned to accept and appreciate the life I have, and it's pretty awesome.
I hope I can help someone to get the help they deserve to feel better!
Mrs S - Isle of Man - Dec 2023

For the longest time, I was trapped in an endless cycle of self-doubt and anxiety, convinced that everyone else was just better at life than me.
Each day felt like an uphill battle, feelings of inadequacy and the strain of constantly pretending that everything was ok had become utterly exhausting. It got to a point where I felt like I was failing not just as a professional but also as a mother, a friend, and a wife.
Karen helped me realise that my healing journey wasn't about uncovering hidden wounds but about rediscovering the essence of who I am and what truly matters to me. She encouraged me to delve into my aspirations, my values, and the unique qualities that make me who I am.
In her nurturing and non-judgmental environment, I began to recognise the importance of self-affirmation and self-love. I learned to remind myself of my strengths, my accomplishments, and the invaluable contributions I bring to every aspect of my life. Her sessions acted as a powerful mirror, reflecting back to me the potential and resilience that I had overlooked for far too long.
Today, I stand at a place of newfound self-confidence, a transformation I never believed was possible. I now approach life with self-assurance, its not even conscious, its not an effort, its just who I was always meant to be.
If I could, I would gift everyone the opportunity to sit with Karen and undergo the same profound mindset reset that has completely transformed my life. If you're reading this, you've already made a start, get booked in with Karen, live your life.
Mrs L - Isle of Man - Nov 2023

Karen, I am truly grateful for the tools you have given me, so I can find peace in my life going forward.
Your calming presence and wonderful knowledge will stay with me forever stay with me, whilst I navigate my new start and help me relax during a stressful time.
I can personally recommend going to see Karen, she is impeccable at what she does and you will leave feeling like a new person (well I did) x
Ms L - Isle of Man - Nov 2023

10000% recommend this lovely lady. I suffered horrendously for 6 months solid every day with health anxiety. I tried CBT but it didn't work for me (does for some).
Then I went to Karen and I'm not joking, almost instantly I was 90% back to normal.
This was almost a year ago.
She really was my saving grace.
Ms S - Isle of Man - Nov 2023

I am incredibly happy with my results from my therapy with Karen.
I had been in a deep depression for a long time before seeking Karens help, I was a bit reluctant as I had convinced myself that nothing I could do would help me.
However, after some sessions with Karen, my mental health has improved dramatically.
My depression, anxiety, confidence and self-esteem issues are now absent from my life, they were previously issues I had struggled with for as long as I can remember.
I highly recommend this therapy to anyone who might need it, especially those stuck in a rut who might think there is no hope for them, Karen can make a huge difference to your life.
Oct 23

We are delighted with the outcome after our daughter’s sessions with Karen.
She had a phobia which impacted on her daily life, causing extreme anxiety and meltdowns.
We immediately saw a complete change in her reactions to certain situations and it has enabled us to enjoy experiences and make memories as a family which wouldn’t previously have been possible.
We are amazed at the transformation and how quickly it happened.
I highly recommend Karen, she is excellent at what she does and really puts the client at ease.
In my daughter’s words: “We definitely rate Karen 10 out of 10 because of her talent, kindness and understanding. It feels amazing to be free of my fear.”
Thank you Karen for working your magic and changing our lives for the better xx
Aug 23

Before starting therapy with Karen my life felt like it had hit rock bottom and I knew I needed to get some help and something that wasnt just a temporary fix.
I can honestly say Ive been amazed at how the hypnotherapy sessions and recording have completely changed how I think about life.
The depression has completely gone and I feel in a much better place to tackle everyday life.
Its like the dark storm clouds have gone and theres sunshine and a clear blue sky.
Thank you Karen for giving me the ability to want to live life again x
Ms A - Isle of Man - July 2023

Back in Nov 2022 I contacted Karen to see if she could offer any help with a phobia that was taking over my life... the fear of being sick, or anyone around me being sick.
Being a mum of two children under the age of 7 meant that of course Id get messages from the nursery/school saying the dreaded bug is going around again, even seeing the message on my phone would send me into panic! Id even distance myself from my own children, Id watch what I ate incase I was sick. It was a constant through buzzing around & around in my head!
From the moment I met Karen, I instantly felt at ease! I explained how I was feeling & how ridiculous it was, she really listened to me, not once has any judgement been passed, Karen is like talking to a best friend, you know the one you can say anything too, trust with your deepest darkest fears!
Together over several sessions we have worked together to find out why I have this fear, & rework things so I can be rid of this phobia, for good! Each session Ive felt completely in control, (none of this quacking like a duck you see on TV!) in fact after each session, Ive walked away positive & upbeat!
6 months on, I no longer have this black cloud of fear hanging over me anymore, this fear is a tough one to crack but Ive managed to travel on a boat with people being sick around me, Ive managed to comfort my daughter when she was a little sick after coughing, Ive even had an alcoholic drink which would have been a major no no before!! My fear hasnt gone completely but Im on the right track & its all thanks to Karen.
Karen doesn't have a magic wand but she is the warmest, caring, nonjudgmental woman Ive ever had the pleasure of meeting who has the knowledge & steps to help you no matter what your fear is! I hope to continue the friendship we have made forever.
Ms S - Isle of Man - July 2023

If you're looking for a sign to start this journey, this is it.
I can't thank Karen enough I feel like myself again, I couldn't see any point in the future and was confused how anyone else could.
After speaking to Karen it feels like the colour has returned to life again which I will be forever grateful for.
I never imagined I would be in the position I am now after feeling so terrible for so long, but here I am
Thank you so much again,
July 23

I went to see Karen because I felt trapped in a cycle of conflicting thoughts and emotions in relation to my working hours, my career, being a working mum, etc etc
I was constantly feeling torn, guilty, indecisive and stressed out.
I was also anxious that things besides work could be impacting my peace of mind and unfairly influencing my feelings about work (such as the late miscarriage I had before having my children, my female hormones, a possible early menopause, food intolerances, migraines, etc etc).
I didn't want to make any rash decisions in case I was just being emotional, but the months of indecision were such a self-torment ...
Feeling sure that a pill from a Dr wouldn't fix my dilemmas/ mental health, I contacted Karen who was supportive and helpful from the outset.
Through a short series of Q&As, talking sessions, hypnotherapy preparations, homework and ONE regression hypnotherapy session, I learned that some pretty minor experiences from my childhood were influencing my subconscious beliefs - which were making me feel frustrated, unheard, and conflicted between being academic/ managerial versus creative.
Karen and her hypnosis helped me to see the flip-flop of my career path to date, and to unlearn my incorrect beliefs from childhood - they were not true, and they were not serving me well as an adult.
Following Karens hypnotherapy, I feel lighter, brighter and freer - and not conflicted in my own head.
I have a new part time job that balances my organisational and creative skills, and I have more confidence in my own voice.
I no longer feel frustrated with work or myself, and I'm no longer emotionally exhausted at the end of the day.
I've got the time and energy for more creative projects at home, I'm more patient and tolerant with my family, and I've a much better life-work balance. I don't feel I need to strive for a career path right now.
Most importantly, I'm no longer tortured by my own circular thoughts. I can go for a walk at peace from myself!
Seeing Karen was game changing for me. On a scale of 1 to 10 for feeling stressed and anxious, I went from being 10 out of 10 to zero in a few short weeks, and I'm sure my migraines have improved too.
Friends and family have noticed the difference in me and can see it in my eyes.
If you need help with how you're thinking and feeling - see Karen! I heartily recommend her to everyone I know - and to everyone I don't know too.
July 23

After loosing my Grandad my life was turned upside down. I lost all self confidence, developed life changing anxiety and was unable to perform gigs or write songs. This was huge for me being a performer and singer songwriter. I didn't know how to deal with grief and would just cry constantly! In addition I let my weight spiral to the point I was scared for my health.
When I met Karen we set out goals 1. To be able to deal with grief. 2. My approach to food and self love.
When the Chameleon Clinic was recommended to me I was skeptical but approached with an open mind.
Its safe to say going to the sessions was one of the best decisions of my life!
I completed my sessions last week and now have a whole new positive look on life. I can remember my grandad with happy memories. My mindset to food has totally switched! I am even trying new healthier foods I would turn my nose up at!! Best of all I am enjoying performing and writing again.
Thank you so much The Chameleon Clinic. Not only have you helped me fix the problems I had but you have opened my eyes to a brighter and better future.
Thank you x
July 23

I have suffered with Emetophobia (Extreme fear of vomiting) my whole life and in my late teens it spiralled into crippling anxiety which caused countless panic attacks, caused an eating disorder and stopped me from living my life normally as I struggled to be more than a short car ride away from my Mum who was my safety person.
I tried countless therapies to try to learn to cope with my fear and not let it consume my life, but it wasn't until I started working with Karen that I finally started to get somewhere!
I recommend hypnotherapy to anyone, but as well as the hypno work the main thing I am grateful to Karen for is helping me change my way of thinking about my fear and my surrounding anxiety, as this has hugely helped me in other areas of my life also.
After working with Karen, I went from a girl who would have repeated panic attacks when she went only a hour away from home, to feeling so good about myself and in control of my anxiety I have booked a one way ticket to Australia by myself!
If you would have told me that even a 7/8 months ago I would have laughed in your face!
But I feel like a new women after working with Karen and I am so relieved I can now live out my adult life without being controlled by my anxiety like I have been the last 5+ years!

I cant thank Karen enough! No one should have to be controlled by their anxiety or phobias and with Karens help I was able to take back control!
July 23

This is where I try to put into words how magical I feel after recently received your treatment of hypnosis therapy.
You managed to formulate a plan to overcome the hidden blockage in my life. I wasn't even sure what I needed. I am so grateful divine guidance made me reach out to you.
The shift is phenomenal I feel it deeply to my core essence. I now get to fully inhabit the fullest version of myself without question. This version of myself fits perfectly and feels great. Your guidance
Is just what I needed.

Thank you for lighting my path home.
July 23

I came across the Chameleon Clinic by chance one evening, around 3 or 4 months ago and decided to reach out for a chat. I had been in a weird limbo stage for a very long time of not being totally unhappy, but also never being truly happy either and I couldn't pin point what was wrong with me.

My first impression of Karen was that she was such a warm, kind and insightful person. I felt at ease straight away and we got right to the heart of my issues very quickly. I felt comfortable and safe in her company and this really allowed me to relax with her, meaning we got so much out of the sessions.

When I first met Karen I had no confidence in myself, I didn't love who I was and I was unhappy and this was all holding me back. Only a few
months on, she has helped me to see the good in myself, to let go of the guilt, anxiety and unhappiness which was holding me back and to stop people pleasing. I can feel the change inside of myself and I can't really remember the version of me that I was when I first walked into Karen's clinic.

It's a very big and bold statement to make - but I truly believe that meeting Karen has been life changing for me. I'm excited for my next chapter and I am so grateful to her for helping me to overcome my personal challenges.
July 23

Back in Nov 2022 I contacted Karen to see if she could offer any help with a phobia that was taking over my life... the fear of being sick, or anyone around me being sick.

Being a mum of two children under the age of 7 meant that of course I'd get messages from the nursery/school saying the dreaded bug is going around again, even seeing the message on my phone would send me into panic! I'd even distance myself from my own children, I'd watch what I ate incase I was sick. It was a constant through buzzing around & around in my head!

From the moment I met Karen, I instantly felt at ease! I explained how I was feeling & how ridiculous it was, she really listened to me, not once has any judgement been passed, Karen is like talking to a best friend, you know the one you can say anything too, trust with your deepest darkest fears!

Together over several sessions we have worked together to find out why I have this fear, & rework things so I can be rid of this phobia, for good! Each session I've felt completely in control, (none of this quacking like a duck you see on TV!) in fact after each session, Ive walked away positive & upbeat!

6 months on, I no longer have this black cloud of fear hanging over me anymore, this fear is a tough one to crack but Ive managed to travel on a boat with people being sick around me, I've managed to comfort my daughter when she was a little sick after coughing, I've even had an alcoholic drink which would have been a major no before!! My fear hasn't gone completely but I'm on the right track & it's all thanks to Karen.

Karen doesn't have a magic wand but she is the warmest, caring, nonjudgmental woman Ive ever had the pleasure of meeting who has the knowledge & steps to help you no matter what your fear is! I hope to continue the friendship we have made forever.
July 23

I am truly in shock!!
Karen has worked wonders for me.
I have suffered with eczema since I was a baby and struggled with flare ups very often.
Trying everything under the sun to help (creams, diet changes, lifestyle changes I etc) but nothing has quite helped me as much as Karen!
I haven’t had a flare up since i had hypnotherapy with Karen which i am so very grateful for.
Thank you Karen you have literally changed my life!!
April 23

Thank you for very much for helping [daughters name]
She left her first meeting with you feeling comfortable, listened to and positive that you were going to be able to help ease her anxiety. 
She found you extremely easy to talk to and just four sessions later she really is like a different person, back to the carefree, happy [daughters name] of old which is just amazing in such a short time.
I’m so grateful to you for facilitating this with her and I know how delighted she is too. 
I will definitely be recommending you to friends and I know she will also give you a glowing testimonial.
Best wishes.
April 23

I’ve seen Karen twice now for two different reasons.
This time I specifically went to see her about a binge eating problem I had developed since having my daughter and managed to put on a whopping 18kg in 18 months.
This session also included my lack of impulse control.
It’s been 2 months since I seen Karen and I feel great.
I’m 8kg down and mainly eating healthy foods. I’m able to eat unhealthier foods with moderation. I’ve had no impulse to binge eat at all!
My impulse control has improved so much too. I still get the odd hyper focus but I’m able to control myself a lot more than I used to.
How I manage my money has improved a lot too.
Karen really does work miracles.
I would happily recommend her to anyone.
She has an incredible way of helping you work out why you feel the way you do and she has made me realise that no negative feelings have to stick around ❤️
April 23

A girl who had major health anxiety, who was scared to travel, had no self-esteem, and didn't love herself. She needed to do something about this.... Trying all forms of therapy to fix herself, it temporarily worked, but something just wasn't working, she couldn't shake off any of the anxiety..... she didn't know what to do.
Today I've just completed my last session of Hypnotherapy.
My first session was on my 31st birthday in October 2022. 4 months of therapy with Karen... Having some time to reflect on the whole experience, I can honestly say the girl I am now is a completely different one to the girl sat on Karen's couch in my consultation session.... in an absolutely incredible way.
I've learnt so much about myself, and the whole process was so interesting.
There is still work to do as it doesn't happen over night, but the fact I'm now standing on my own high pedestal, being my biggest cheerleader and believing in myself is a huge huge improvement.
I was baffled that this was working for me.
I have now had the courage to book a life time opportunity, and travel to Thailand, all by myself. There is noway I would have been able to even contemplate this 4 months ago. I just went for it... I booked it, and thought what has gotten into me! ? !... This only made me realise how much hypnotherapy has helped me and how it has changed my life, in so so many ways!
And its thanks to the amazing Karen and her guidance for getting me here....
February 23

I can't thank Karen enough for everything that she has done for me.
I was suffering with anxiety and panic attacks pretty much every day, anxiety was ruining my life.
I was having panic attacks at home, at work and even out walking my dog, it was affecting everything. I completely lost my appetite and felt nauseous 24/7. I could just about manage to take my medication in the morning with water and a handful of cereal.
I was signed off work with anxiety and that destroyed me, I felt like a failure. At this point I knew I needed to do something, anything! I couldn't go on feeling like this, feeling nervous and on edge every day.
It took me a few weeks to pluck up the courage to send that first message... I got in touch with Karen and Im so glad I did, it's the best decision I've ever made.
Karen is very welcoming and makes you feel comfortable, I felt safe with her and trusted she could help me get my life back on track.
Karen helped me find the root cause of my issues and we worked together to find out why they were affecting my everyday life.
After each session with Karen I felt like I was one step closer to being normal again. My appetite came back and the panic attacks were happening less and less, and are now gone completely and good riddance!
My family and friends have noticed a massive difference in me, I'm more relaxed and I'm even singing in the shower again!
I highly recommend Karen at The Chameleon Clinic and I will be forever grateful for helping me get my life back.
Ms. E, Isle of Man, February 23

I first contacted Karen in May of this year. I have never been to any kind of therapy before and always told myself that it wouldn't work for me, I wouldn't gain anything from it.
I was slightly sceptical but felt like I needed to try and gain some kind of control over my life. I was ready to reach out for help.
My anxiety and thoughts about my appearance were massively affecting my every day life, preventing me from going out to events or even just out for a meal with my partner.
It had become the norm for me to turn down invitations or make excuses as to why I couldn't attend parties, family gatherings or even days out with my children, simply because of how I viewed myself physically.
I had gained some weight over the years due to having children and had issues with binge eating for as long as i could remember. This coupled with some other body issues had me believing for a very long time that I was too disgusting to be seen in public. My coping mechanism was to hide myself away and find comfort in packets of biscuits and chocolate.
After each session with Karen I would come away on a high. I would literally leave her feeling as though I could achieve anything.
More importantly she helped me to realise that I deserve to be happy and that I am enough just as I am.
I have always been enough.
I no longer avoid going out in public because of how I look. I know that I still look the same on the outside as when I began my journey with Karen but on the inside I am a totally different person.
I have also not had a binge eating session since meeting with Karen and no longer crave or find comfort in eating biscuits.
The old me felt that I was too ugly to be seen. I would break down in tears every time I would see a photograph of myself or mistakenly catch my reflection in the mirror.
I would repeatedly push my partner away every time he came close to me out of fear that he too would realise how repulsive I truly was.
The new me now knows that it doesn't matter how I look. I am so much more than my appearance. When I go out I am no longer focused on if anybody is looking at me or what their opinions may be. I am just enjoying being in the moment.
I am truly grateful to Karen for everything that she has done for me. She has literally changed my life. She is so lovely to talk to and is extremely insightful. She is amazing at what she does.
I can not recommend her enough.
Mrs J, Isle of Man, January 23

I don't know how to put into words the difference having a course of therapy with Karen at the Chameleon Clinic has changed my life.
I had thought that I might never be able to have another relationship or have an enjoyable sex life ever again, after being raped.
I was suffering anxiety in everyday life, it was affecting my job and my kids, I couldn't go near the area where it happened and I absolutely couldn't let anyone else close to me without breaking down in a crying mess. My life just changed so much.
But, now, after my program with Karen, that was about 3 months long, I feel I am back to me, I have a new relationship, a great sex life and I am no longer triggered by the place. And the thoughts of that night that used to be on a loop in my head, are no longer there.
If you have been through something similar, I absolutely can't recommend enough getting in touch with Karen at the Chameleon Clinic.
Miss A, Isle of Man, January 2023

Dear Karen,
I just want to say thank you so much you have done for me.
I never thought in a million years I would have the confidence you have given me. I have finally met the real me, who I really am and what I want in my life.
I use to feel like a had a black rain cloud constantly following me, now its sunshine all the way.
I see everything in such a beautiful way now instead of the darkness and negativity.
I would 100% recommended you to everyone, because everybody deserves to feel the way I do.
Ms L, Isle of Man, October 2022

I've struggled with recurrent depressive episodes since 2012, and had tried all sorts of things to get rid of it. I turned to Karen and the chameleon clinic following a recommendation, and I'm so glad I did!
The process is wonderful - Karen does everything she can to put you at ease and create a safe space during every session. After an initial session in which we discussed my problems in detail, Karen came up with a treatment plan tailored completely to me.
Together, we were able to find the root cause of my issues - the triggers etc. - and we confronted and cast them out, and I feel like a brand new person now!
For what I got out of the program, I'd say it's worth every single penny. Every. Single. Penny.
My family, friends and colleagues have all remarked on how much better I seem in myself now - I no longer get angry about things - I approach them with a calm, level-headed mindset and I just feel entirely peaceful. Comments from other people that used to bother me, just... Don't, now.
I can not recommend this program enough - it has changed my life, and it could change yours too.
Mr J, Isle of Man, October 2022

Working with Karen changed my life, literally. I am 51 years old and was abused from the age of 4 to 8. I have spent my entire life living with the trauma this left me with. A lifetime on anti depressants, anti psychotics, physiatrists, psychologists, councillors, CBT, DBT and all with minimal impact on my overall emotional and mental well-being. In the six years prior to working with Karen 16 months ago, I had been in intensive care 3 times through suicide attempts, countless weeks in hospital and two stays in the psychiatric unit. I was visited weekly by my mental health nurse.
Then last spring I approached Karen - 3 months later - wed completed all the work, without, and I feel this is really important, without traumatising further during the therapy. I walked away after our time together, a free woman. Within weeks I was off medication, within months I no longer required the services of the mental health team and here I am 16 months on and I haven't had one wobble, not one. No triggers, no dramas, no self loathe, no extreme emotions - and a real calmness that I have never had before.
If you have come to a point where you are reaching out for something that will really help - because we believe nothing can ever rid us of our demons - then please put your faith in Karen - it will turn your world around, enabling you to live the life you should always have had.
Mrs L, Isle of Man, June 2022

"I honestly don't know quite how to start this review, both you & hypnotherapy have truly changed my life.
Before I started hypnotherapy I was depressed, too anxious to go out alone, avoided socialising and was extremely triggered by being neglected as a child, which caused me to have a terrible relationship with my mother and be extremely easily triggered.
I went through CBT therapy, DBT therapy, counselling, you name it, I tried it and I just couldn't open up.
All those things above that were holding me back are now no longer true for me after 6 months with the chameleon clinic.
I am a completely different person, I live a completely different life and have been able to build a positive relationship with my mother.
Also shifting all the negativity allowed me to get pregnant! Im half way through my pregnancy now and really do believe my body knew I wasn't ready before my therapy.
Ive never been able to bond with a therapist, I was very socially awkward and I always felt judged, but with Karen it was just completely different. Karen is without a doubt the most gentle, kind and caring lady I've ever had the pleasure of knowing, she's helped me in ways I could never imagine.
I feel calm now, laid back and love going out alone. I socialise so much more and I just generally really enjoy life, I've never felt this way before and its 100% down to the therapy at the chameleon clinic.
I would have happily paid thousands if id had to, knowing now the difference it would make.
Miss J, Isle of Man, September 2022

I had always struggled mentally with anxiety, depression and ptsd since a very young age.
After countless forms of therapy and a few years of maturity, I was finding life somewhat easier to handle. However I could never shake off that last part of anxiety haunting me.
After seeing and hearing about Karens work I thought why not give it a try, the worst thing that can possibly happen is that it doesn't work! However I cannot put into words how my life has changed since the combined therapy with Karen.
The little things (that seem so big at the time! ) that come with anxiety such as answering telephone calls, walking through the street alone, adapting to plans changing and so much more, I am now able to do with ease and without a second thought or fear in my mind.
Not only this I am also about to embark on a 3 month trip to the other side of the world!
Life feels so much more light and free since working with Karen and I will forever be grateful.
My close friends and family have also noticed a huge change in how I handle myself and situations which is amazing to hear.
Since my final combination hypnotherapy session Karen has still remained a constant support. She will still check in to see how I am doing and no question or issue is ever too big or small for her to handle.
I cannot wait to live my life free of anxiety and the dark thoughts that come with. I never thought the day would come!
Thank you Karen for everything
Miss A, Isle of Man, September 2022

I cannot believe my daughter is just about to go travelling, when a few years ago she couldn't leave her bedroom without being wracked with anxiety.
Things started changing for my gorgeous girl when she turned nine years old when her anxiety levels were through the roof. We thought she would grow out of it and when she went to secondary school it would be better! It wasn't, in fact it was a million times worse and of course the bullies picked up on her anxiety and made her life a living hell.
It was heartbreaking to see, and extremely frustrating as a parent, I felt helpless especially as our mental health service is pretty broken with appointment waiting times in excess of 12 months.
We were pretty much on our own, I very quickly realised I needed to educate myself on chronic anxiety and how my girl was feeling and with the help of friends and family we plodded on for a further 5 years.
Moving between some private therapies (which never seemed to work) and the occasional CAMHS appointment, we struggled through and sadly there were some very dark times when just keeping her alive was a 24/7 daily task.
We came across Karen at the chameleon clinic, what a fantastic find, Karen has been instrumental in her recovery and has given her the skills to cope with tough times which she will without a doubt have.
I don't know how to thank Karen to be honest, there are not enough words to express how grateful we are she has changed our lives as a family but especially my daughters.
I am still on occasion nervous if I see her having a bad day, because I am terrified things will go back to the way they were, but Karen has helped me deal with those worries and for this I am delighted to call Karen a very special friend.
If your child is struggling with anxiety related issues which in turn effect the whole family, please do not hesitate to contact Karen at the chameleon clinic.
If someone had told me ten years ago I would be waiving my 21 year old daughter off to the other side of the world for the adventure of a lifetime, I would have thought they were mad, but here we are and she's living her best life.
Thank you Karen
one very grateful mum xx
Mrs L, Isle of Man, September 2022

I got in touch with Karen after a friend/colleague recommended hypnotherapy to me to help deal with years of anxiety/intrusive thoughts which was in turn affecting my new job that I worked hard to get.
I did some research and Karen at the chameleon clinic was recommended.
So I had a look on her website and was instantly drawn towards her as she is very thorough and informative about the whole process.
I booked myself in for one session and from the get go I felt that Karen really wanted to help me and knew what she needed to do for me.
From the audios to the live hypnotherapy session, I found myself feeling relaxed and calm, and without realising, the hypnotherapy was already working.
My thoughts were less intrusive, I felt less anxious and better about myself. I returned to work after 6 weeks off, feeling more positive and without the anxiety and intrusive thoughts I was able to carry on with my new job and enjoy it!
Im very happy I found Karen and would definitely recommend anyone that suffers with anxiety to try this!
Miss L, August 2022

"I've suffered with health anxiety on and off for 5 years now. But over the last six months it got really severe and out of control as I developed a new illness. The anxiety on top of the illness was just making everything spiral and prolonging my recovery.
It got to a point I was taking myself to A&E roughly four times a week, panic attacks everyday, too scared to go anywhere or do anything. My life was hell with it and I really couldn't see a way out, I thought this was just going to be me for the rest of my life.
Id decided I had enough and knew I really needed to do something about this.
I seen a review below on the chameleon clinic and it gave me hope that Karen could hopefully fix me too.
Im pleased to say after a couple of visits to Karen and doing the things Karen has advised me to do, I dare say I am completely back to normality again!
I only suffered for six months daily but that honestly felt like a life time and I just longed for my life to be back to normal!
Im so happy to be feeling at ease again now.
Ive started a full time job and I generally feel so much happier and more energised and less grouchy!
Thats all thanks to Karen!
Karen is really lovely and always made me feel so comfortable around her. Highly recommend! "
thank you, Karen.
Ms S, Isle of Man, April 2022

I thought I'd share a small snippet of a post session conversation I had with a client recently ...
Client: "I was so disappointed when I came out of my in person session"
Me: "oh, why? "
Client: "because what came up was so ordinary, not nearly as earth shattering as I was expecting"
Me: "haha, yep - but what came up was your answer, wasn't it?"
Client: "omg yes, I can't believe it - the changes already are massive"
Me: "your mind already has all your answers, I simply help you find them..."
Ms K, Isle of Man, November 2021

Dear Karen, I am writing to thank you so much for your kindness, your caring, your understanding and most importantly for giving me my future.
Having been brought up by a narcissistic, coercively controlling father my childhood was pretty grim. I had suffered mental, physical and sexual abuse whilst growing up and it had left me as an adult not knowing who I really was.
I was someone who had never been allowed a voice or an opinion. I had no confidence, no self worth, huge anxieties and very little self esteem.
I had kind of learned to live with things as they were. But my past experiences always cropped up and they got in the way of my future. I so longed for an inner peace, but I resided myself to the fact that this was unattainable.
When I heard about your therapy method Karen I knew it was for me. And since having my therapy I cannot quite believe the changes in me.
I have finally found me, the real me. I have at last found my inner peace, and the little girl I once was is finally healed. I have a fire in my belly and I am ready to start living and I have the confidence I need to be able to do this.
I just cant thank you enough for showing me the way to my future xx
Mrs H, Isle of Man

A truly transformative and eye opening session. Karen is a wonderful detective and a very kind and caring therapist!
I highly recommend Karen who helped me rediscover and reconnect with my inner confidence.
Thank you for the sensational recording!
I can already feel the ever lasting impact your words have made.
Ms K, Australia, February 2021

What an amazing year it's been. My mental health is better than it's ever been. Im no longer in need of medication or therapy.
The relationship I have with my mum is stronger than ever - and I built bridges and rekindled love with my gran.
Its been a year of resounding positivity and my health is excellent, so my heart is filled with positivity.
What I allow into my heart and mind is what feeds it - and your therapy taught me, it only deserves the very best - and 2022 will allow only that to happen.
Thank you Karen, from the very depths of what was a broken mind - you showed me a path - and I chose to follow"
Ms L, Isle of Man, December 2021

Oh Karen I hope you know how much you have changed my life! ! I am so much more independent!
You are wonderful!
I know I have done the work but I would have never done any of it without your help, guidance and amazing support.
Thank you for being so wonderful xxx
Mrs B, December, Isle of Man 2021

Mental health is such a complex notion, with both bold and more subtle threads making up the unique tapestry of our lives.
I knew that something was missing in my minds makeup; a piece of the puzzle had been misplaced along the way, but I was in too much emotional turmoil to really look further than each day let alone grasp how to move forward in psychological recovery.
By the time a friend recommended Karen at chameleon clinic, I was desperate for respite from myself. Initially anxious before our first meeting, Karen instantly put me at ease with her warm nature and genuine caring manner. We discussed my life's worries and her approach to therapy and I immediately knew id reached a safe space where we could openly navigate how id reached such darkness - and how we would work at releasing me from it.
I was asked to go home and give it some thought before committing to her month-long session, but I didn't need to. I knew I was ready to delve into whatever we might find and I was definitely prepared to heal.
It's so obvious that Karen is passionate about her combined therapy method and I can now see why; I hadn't heard much about neurolinguistic programming or hypnosis so had no preconceived notions, which I think helped. I was sent a voice recording to listen to each day and enjoyed the soothing meditation of Karens voice every evening for a week or so before we met again.
Knowing that I was in a cocoon of cover away from the harshness of the world was an enormous comfort when opening my subconscious to deeply buried trauma and abuse. Some surprising past wounds came to light that have subsequently been real revelations to explain my thought process and behaviour over the years, and I learned really invaluable nuggets about myself and my life from our time together.
Another personalised voice recording has been regular bedtime audio in helping me take flight - I feel so much lighter, like ive shed myself of the strain that anxiety and depression had taken in their grip.
I still have some low moments but the waves of grief and mental carnage have passed and I understand these emotional ripples now.
Remarkably, I've not experienced any suicidal ideation or doomed hopelessness since our sessions began. I know my worth and am excited at how I'm going to triumph in life.
Ms A, Isle of Man, November 2021

Before chameleon clinic therapy I really felt I had no hope over ever becoming myself or loving life again.
I had tried multiple other counselling and therapists and they unfortunately didn't work so I was feeling disheartened.
I struggled lots with my self image, depression, anxiety, insecurity, suicidal thoughts, addictions and codependency as I didn't believe that what I said mattered so couldn't reassure or love myself the way anyone deserves too.
This was all due to traumas stuck in my body and other issues and parts of me that just needed acknowledging and healing.
I had not a lot of self worth or sense of self and placed it on other peoples opinions and validations of me which weren't always so nice.
When I heard about Karen and the amazing work she has done with her clients I was very intrigued but also didn't have much hope for myself. I was nervous and scared that it wouldn't work to be honest. But after the first chat with Karen I felt uplifted and she was completely okay with everything I opened up about and didn't judge me me and made me feel a lot better and told me she could help!
It left me feeling happy after one chat. I went through with the next sessions and honestly it was life changing to say the least!
I felt a re birth of myself. It was hard going through some pasts things id tried to bury in myself but Karen helped me cope and look at them in a different perspective and release them and I cried to release but felt so much lighter and happier afterwards and my whole perspective and being and energy about me just changed.
Seeing as I didn't think the therapy would work I defiantly underestimated it.
Karen helped me through it every step I cant thank her enough I wouldn't be living and loving life and being the best me if it weren't for her and her therapy!
I love myself again and I love life and I am hopeful for my future.
I feel happy and can deal when sadness comes up as its not as overwhelming. I recommend this for anyone who has lost hope in themselves or mental health and who is struggling i really do!
I am so thankful for this therapy! ! I still use the techniques Karen taught me now even after the therapy is finished.
It has impacted my life grateful!
Miss H, Isle of Man, October 2021

Wow! I cannot express how much I appreciated you sticking with me as I went down all the various roads and avenues I needed to go down.
I appreciate you wanting to help me with my distorted belief shackles that I have carried my whole life.
I appreciate your kindness in caring enough to be there for me and support me.
I appreciate your brilliant tutelage that lovingly, caringly guided me into the crevices of my pain, my crippling beliefs of who I thought I was.
You are an amazing and fabulous therapist and a truly caring human being.
I would recommend you to anyone because I know first hand how brilliant you are. !
You are a safe place to fall!
Mrs K, Canada, September 2021

Approached Karen for one thing, but came away with a whole list of things being uncovered and improved.
She really does get right to the nitty gritty root cause of the issue, as uncomfortable as that may be at the time - I now know how essential that was!
I now understand why I have lived my life the way I have, why I had the beliefs I had.
I can't pretend it was easy, it was emotionally tough for a little while, but Karen supported me fully, helped me understand and as a result, my life is genuinely so much better than it was before, I feel healed and so much stronger than I ever have ...
Mrs B, Isle of Man, August 2021

Your therapy stops future crisis. I have been in intensive care three times due to suicide attempts. Post therapy, and at the age of 50, I have, for the first time ever, been able to reassure my family that never again will I attempt to take my own life. The therapy laid my demons to rest - rid me of triggers - and has allowed me to live the life I was always meant to have
Mrs T, October 2021

With my first session I was fearful and confused coming out of narcissistic abuse. Karen was beautifully confident and reassuring. Our first session worked to eradicate the fear. Afterwards, I had more clarity, calm and less triggers. The second session, Karen worked on my confidence and empowered my mind with vivid imagery and words. After the second session, I was physically around the ex and was unaffected. I finally felt indifferent. I felt no more connection to him. Hearing his voice and seeing his face was neutral. Its amazing! Before I was panicky, paranoid and stressed and now relaxed, strong and clear minded. Karen is smart, intuitive and powerful to get lasting outcomes. She was able to help my mind get unstuck and move me forward. I am incredibly grateful.
Mrs R, Hawaii, July 2021

Oh my gosh!
I have great news I have finally got a job not any job, a great job!
And it uses all my skills.
Its full time, its a great salary, its completely remote and I get to work wherever I want!
Its literally the job that aligns with my highest good and I didn't even have to go out and look for it someone recruited me for this. It all happened so quickly!
This all changed in just a few weeks, once wed finished our second session and I began to look at what I wanted differently being in the essence of all the things we've talked about and that I have desired, things moved within days!
The work that we've done together, I'm now a lot more focussed, I see clearly the tools that I have, that keep being brought forward, keep realising there is a need for them, and as you know thats really important to me not in a vain way ... I feel its just the way things are supposed to be ...
Im so grateful for you helping me see that, and to show me that I shouldn't be ashamed of it, but to actually embrace it, and the more I do, the more it keeps coming forward, and I really have this need to share my voice and my story a lot more and I'm finally okay with that!
Ms N, Canada, June 2021

"if you charged double, it still wouldn't be enough" it is so much more than "just a therapy session"
Ms P, Isle of Man, June 2021

Turning 57 and thinking about retirement in the not too distant future, I considered how I would feel when the kids (now young adults) had flown the nest (one gone, one to go soonish) and when I've finished work and actually had time for myself what would that feel like?
Well this feeling became rather daunting as I thought about all of the trials and tribulations that had happened over the years and whether or not having kept the family together and made sure everyone was ok, I have actually processed the demons in my own head, or would I actually have a complete nervous breakdown, now that I finally had time to have a breakdown!
So after deliberating for several months and feeling like I really should talk to a therapist, I decided to contact Karen at the chameleon clinic and oh my word! !
She was fabulous, so professional but warm and welcoming, she listened to me and we ploughed through some past issues and I can honestly say I feel fantastic, ready to start the countdown to retirement with excitement rather than dread and time for some much needed me time
I cannot thank you enough Karen, you are an angel xx
Mrs F, Isle of Man, June 2021

"Well I passed - I passed those bloody exams!
I didn't at the last sitting though.
After all that hard work and stress and the sleepless nights it felt such a waste and giving up felt like the best option.
Everyone around me just kept saying you must do it again. I didn't agree.
Time flew by to the start of the course for the next sitting and I was gently dragged into it.
The panic over the amount to learn was taking over again blocking my brain from releasing what was put in.
I reached out to the chameleon clinic, Karen listened, didn't judge and I trusted her with everything I felt.
After just 2 sessions with her, I had my focus, if panic started I knew what to do to push it back and take control.
I took that with me into the exams and it helped me to open my mind to the exam questions.
I passed!
I only went and passed!
Thanks to the chameleon clinic and Karen's kind, gentle, thoughtful and confident approach I kept my cool and wrote it all down.
I'm glad I chose the chameleon clinic to help, I made that choice knowing how much work Karen puts into her work and with her experience in how much she gives to help you get there, wherever you want to be"
Mrs W, Isle of Man, August 202I

I’ve suffered with OCD my whole life. Never thought I’d find a way out, I was trapped inside myself but after going here I feel alive and I not only see the light at the end of the tunnel, I’m through the tunnel. Thank you Karen, you’re the best!
Mr H
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