About Your Therapist, Karen

Originally from the English Lake District, and living on the Isle of Man since 2000, Karen and The Chameleon Clinic are members of the national council of psychotherapists. At The Chameleon Clinic Karen combines hypnotherapy with some of the most effective elements of Psychotherapy, Regression, CBT, NLP, Neuroplasticity, Parts Therapy and Positive Repetition, skilfully weaving them into bespoke courses of powerful and freeing therapy treatment.

Offering sessions in person locally and worldwide on Zoom, she has worked with many clients in person on the Isle of Man and on zoom with clients as far afield as Australia, Canada and America, as well, of course, many in the UK and Ireland.

There are a collection of testimonials from these and lots of other clients on the website here or on the social media platforms of Instagram and Facebook.

Combining the skills she already had from a previous career as a UK Paramedic with her affinity of being a good listener and her natural urge to help people, Karen studied for around 1500 hours and qualified with The School of Rapid Transformational Therapy in early 2021.

Thriving on continuing to learn, develop and grow her hypnotherapy, counselling and therapy skills by constantly researching, reading and learning, Karen attends many online mentor and educational courses as well as being invited to become a member of one of the most active and well respected worldwide online therapist forums.

Living in the north of the Island with her partner, Karen has a daughter in university studying law and a son at home studying for A levels. Alongside The Chameleon Clinic, Karen is also a qualified Family Mediator www.familyandcouplesmediation.com and successfully owns and runs two lifestyle businesses (you can find details here www.karentjones.com) and when she isn’t working, enjoys early morning walks with her 4 dogs, classical music, relaxing at home and somewhat randomly, formula One!
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