Your Questions Answered

Who is your therapy for?

If you'd like help with Anxiety, Compulsive Behavior, Depression, Panic Attacks, Recovery from Abuse, Addictions, Confidence, Self- Esteem, Emotional imbalance - See Below

You'll find specific information here for help with intimate or sexual issues.

You'll find specific information here for help with your relationship.

What do you actually do?

First we talk, well, you talk, I listen – 
a lot …

Then I create a bespoke treatment plan, creating your individual program of therapy.

Your program will be unique to you, using a combination of sessions ‘on the couch’, personal self-hypnosis audios, regression hypnosis, talk therapy, counselling and full, 7 days a week support.

During your regression hypnotherapy, I guide you to find the root cause of your issue, get rid of anything associated with it that you don’t need in your life today, and give you the skills and power to live your life without it.

Are everyone's programs, recordings and sessions the same?

No. Every program, session and audio is planned and tailored specifically to you and your needs.

Can I help with xyz?

Until we chat I don’t know for sure, I have a long list of issues that I have had fantastic success with for my clients. I will only accept you onto my client list once I know I can truly help you and once I know that you are truly ready to live your life free of your issue/s.

What issues do you work with?

I can, and do, work with many varied issues, feel free to reach out to ask about yours.

My recent client list has included programs for Anxiety. Depression. Sexual problems. Addictions. Compulsive behavior. Confidence and self-esteem. Panic attacks. Exam/study success. Nerves. Fertility issues. Finding your life purpose and Career and relationship success.

As well as my areas of particular interest and experience, which include, eating disorders. Childhood abuse. Relationship issues. Relationship abuse. Emotional, physical and or sexual abuse, And Recovery from bullying.

I have experience working with clients from all demographics and backgrounds, including the LGBTQ+ community and other minority groups.

The Chameleon Clinic is an inclusive and safe space for everyone.

How long is your wait list?

Currently it is around 2/3 weeks to wait for your initial consultation – but obviously this changes.

Do I have to come to Ramsey?

No. I have a clinic in Ramsey, Isle of Man where we can meet in person, This is my preference. I use zoom if we can’t, or don’t want, to meet in person - as long as you have a good internet connection, you can be just down the road or on the other side of the world! I have worked very successfully with clients as far away as Australia, America and Canada and sometimes clients on the island prefer zoom too – whatever suits you best is good for me.

Is it as effective on zoom?

Yes. In fact, sometimes more so, especially if you are seeing me for something like anxiety where coming to the clinic would actually exacerbate your issue. For a lot of your live sessions, you have your eyes closed whilst in hypnosis, and you are listening to my voice, this of course works just as well over zoom as it does in person.

How long is a program?

Each program of treatment is usually between 2 to 4 months.

Each program includes the creation of bespoke self-hypnosis audios that I will make for you in clinic, that you listen to at home – this is a super important part of the programme of treatment. Preparing the mind properly and carefully for the deep and often life changing therapy that is to come during regression hypnosis is absolutely essential and cannot be underestimated.

For a successful outcome, you must listen diligently to all the audios that we create - they are very relaxing, not difficult, and are easy to fit around the rest of your life.

Throughout your program of treatment, I offer 7 days a week of support on WhatsApp and I may add in various other meet ups or tasks/activities for you to do between your sessions – It is all bespoke and develops around you and your progress.

What’s the format – do we just talk?

No. it is very different from traditional talk therapy. With talk therapy, you generally have weekly, hour long sessions for a few months to chat about whatever your issue is to try to find a solution to it using your conscious mind, using logic and often learning ‘coping strategies’.

At The Chameleon Clinic, Karen uses a unique and highly effective hybrid therapy that is largely based on hypnosis to talk to your subconscious mind. Thus removing the need for your conscious mind, its thought patterns and its logical approach, to make the changes.

If it was simply a case of being able to rely on logic, intelligence and your conscious mind, many of the issues I see time and time again, would never exist at all.

I have lost count of the number of times a client has said ‘I know it’s daft, but I can’t get past it’ or ‘I understand what I am doing isn’t right, but I can’t stop myself’ or similar – talking about our issues and problems, trying to solve them consciously, simply isn’t enough in many cases.

Hypnosis works.

So is it like traditional hypnotherapy then?

No, well, sort of! We will use powerful language to relax and access your subconscious mind, which makes it similar to some other forms of hypnosis. When using traditional hypnotherapy, the usual approach is to speak affirmations and positive thoughts to the mind while it is in a state of deep relaxation, a method that can be very effective for some issues.

With my combination therapy, we spend quite a lot of time ‘preparing the mind’ for the deep and healing therapy that is to come. ‘Going in cold’ as it were, to a mind that has spent months and probably years locking away thoughts and feelings to protect you, is, in my opinion and experience, unlikely to be effective.

Once we are satisfied that the right level of preparation has been achieved, then and only then, do we go to regression hypnotherapy, whilst in the state of deep relaxation, we regress you back to a time and place that holds your answers, to find the actual root cause of your issue. It’s important to say here that for clients with a traumatic event in the past, the techniques we use will not result in re-triggering.

We deal with what comes up, there and then, using a whole tool box of effective interrupting and reframing techniques to get rid of the issue, before using powerful language and bespoke, made for you audios to really embed the new thoughts, lessons, feelings and beliefs.

When you say ‘tool box’ what do you mean?

I use a combination therapy, a hybrid collection of the most powerful elements of hypnosis, regression, psychotherapy, neuro linguistic programming, cognitive behavioural therapy, parts therapy, neuroplasticity and visualisation, alongside my unique approach of the individually tailored program, mind preparation, bespoke audios and one to one support, coaching and counselling that happens before and after each live session.

An analogy that sometimes helps ...

Imagine your body and brain to be the computer, and your mind to be the software – When the software has got a virus (your issue) that is stopping the computer (your mind and body) running smoothly and effectively, it simply needs fixing, by removing the virus and carrying out an update – and that’s what we do, we update and re-boot, so that you can run more smoothly and efficiently!

How many sessions will I need, how long will my treatment program be?

The simple answer is, I don’t know until we’ve spoken – but what I can say is that the majority of clients find that a program of between 2 to 4 months, encompassing preparation sessions and one session of regression hypnosis is enough for one issue.

Often I see clients with more than one issue, so that obviously takes a bit longer – although, often solving one issue, has the knock-on effect of helping another at the same time!

I’d say the average client works with me for between two and four months

What does it cost?

An initial consultation is charged at £70 and is scheduled for 1 to 1.5 hours

Sessions are charged ‘per session’ rather than by the hour, I don’t like to be tied to time, if we need longer, we take longer.

Session times range from 1.5 hours to 4.5 hours and charges range from £125 to £495

I will always provide a comprehensive treatment plan, specifying the session type, approximate time and the session cost for you before you commit.

Do I have to pay it all at once?


The balance is due, in full, 48 hours before each live therapy session. If you wish to pay this in instalments, we can arrange that.

Payment is accepted by bank transfer, paypal or cash.

How soon can I start?

Firstly, get in touch, either through the website contact form or on WhatsApp, and if you’re comfortable to, give me a little idea of what you would like me to help you with.

I will send you a link to my online intake form, and we will arrange your initial consultation.

If I am happy to accept you onto my client list, and I am confident I can help you, I will create a treatment plan for you to review and once you've had time to look through and approve the plan, I will add the dates to my diary and we can commence your program.

My issue is very personal – what about confidentiality?

You have my word that under no circumstances will anything you share with me, from the moment of your first contact, ever be mentioned by me to another person. The only exception being, if I feel that you or someone else is in significant danger. 

The clinic is private and in a discreet location, there will only ever be you and I there for your appointments

My phone and laptop are password protected and only I have access to the email, WhatsApp and messenger inboxes

I have questions that you haven’t answered ...

No problem, pop me a message and I’ll do my best to answer them for you.

Am I committed if I get in touch?

No. All enquiries are taken with no commitment, no obligation, and in complete confidence.
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