Things happen, life evolves, and changes occur - and all of this is natural, necessary and normal … But, if your once great relationship begins to no longer feels quite so good, it can be a difficult, confusing and emotionally challenging time …

This can happen for a thousand and one reasons – it can simply be that you feel like you’re growing apart, maybe one partner has been unfaithful, perhaps the arrival of children has had an unexpected negative impact on your relationship, maybe you keep comparing your partner to an ex, or, as is often the case, you don’t know why, but you know things just don’t feel right any more …

Whatever the reason, it doesn’t have to mean the end

Couples therapy means that it’s time for it to become all about you, the two of you – not what friends or family think, not what Google or YouTube has to say, but all about you – the two people in the relationship.

Talking to someone who is non-judgemental, impartial and independent can be enormously beneficial, and actually, talking in this way may be all that you need.

Sometimes, therapeutic intervention will be the tool that will be most beneficial.

And sometimes, it will be mediation that will be the best fit.

Every relationship is different

Every relationship is individual 

Every relationship is unique

We will discuss, plan and work together, employing whatever skills, tools and interventions you need, to help you get your relationship back to be where you both want it to be.

How do we begin?

Firstly, you will each be sent an online ‘intake form’. With as much openness as you feel able, you’ll answer questions and add information about yourself and how you are feeling about your relationship.  

These forms are confidential, the contents will not be discussed with your partner without your prior consent.

We will arrange an initial consultation for each of you, separately. These will each be scheduled for 60-90 minutes and will be charged at £70 – calendars allowing, we will make these both within the same week.

We also arrange an initial joint consultation for the two of you together, aiming for within one to two weeks of the individual meetings.   

In between the two meetings, I will take the time to write up the notes from the individual consultations, and make an outline plan that I think will be the most beneficial route forward for you.

The first joint consultation is scheduled for 90–110 minutes. The charge for this includes the time taken to create the resume of the session notes and outline plans, and is charged at £165

At the joint meeting, we will discuss the things that we have talked about in your individual meetings (the parameters of what we will and won’t discuss will have been decided in advance, at your individual meetings)

The joint consultation, will be led by you, and what you feel is important, relevant and necessary, it is likely that we will talk about …

  • What you feel about each other and the relationship
  • Individual and joint issues that have come up in the previous consultations
  • What you both want/expect from each other and the relationship
  • Specific areas of contention raised in the individual consultations
  • What you both expect from each other and the relationship
  • Your hopes for the future
  • Why you feel your relationship has become in need of some help
  • Background issues that may be relevant to today’s issues
  • The other people that are affected by your relationship
  • Anything else that you feel you need to talk about in this safe space

From there, we will create a bespoke plan.  Each plan is as individual as each couple, it may include:

  • Individual therapy for personal issues
  • Joint therapy for relationship issues
  • Sexual Freedom therapy
  • Talking therapy
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Homework
  • Individual or joint exercises, tasks or challenges
  • Recommended reading
  • Recommended viewing
  • Diary keeping

Throughout your plan we build in regular ‘review’ sessions, some individually and some together, so that we never lose sight of your goals and your progress.

To arrange your initial consultations, you can use this contact form, message through the Facebook page, or WhatsApp 07624 421211

Who is Couples Therapy for?

A couple is two, consenting adults. Same sex, opposite sex. Same age, different ages. Same backgrounds, different backgrounds. Same religion, different religion – there are as many different ‘types’ of couple-relationships as there are people.

Whether you met at age 15 or 50, and whether you’ve been together for 3 months, 3 years or 30 years, if you feel that your relationship isn’t where you want it to be, maybe couples therapy at The Chameleon Clinic would be a good idea.

I don’t think anyone expects a relationship between two people  to be perfect all the time.

Equally, I don’t think anyone should expect for it to be difficult all the time either.

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