Sexual Freedom

Sex, a natural, enjoyable part of adult life – or is it?

30% women 40% men have a sexual dysfunction – that’s around 9 million women and 14 million men in the UK alone

If you’re not able to enjoy a consenting, fulfilling and satisfying sex life, without guilt, shame or dysfunction, then Sexual Freedom therapy with The Chameleon Clinic can help you – Whatever the reason, whatever your sexuality and whatever your orientation.

The judgement free, openly straightforward and confidential environment created by Karen Jones at the private Chameleon Clinic is a welcoming space for you to be comfortable to talk freely about all things sex, whether in person in Ramsey, Isle of Man or online Worldwide on Zoom.

Using the most powerful sexual organ of all, your mind, a personalised program of sexual freedom therapy at The Chameleon Clinic will enable you to have a satisfying sex life, whatever that means for you. Learning to understand, embrace and celebrate your own fabulous sexuality.

By removing words like ‘normal’ ‘should’ and ‘everyone else’ from our conversations about sex, we’re able to explore your sexuality, your likes and dislikes and your desires in a wonderfully open and honest way, resulting on you being free from the media perpetuated myths that can lead you to feel ‘inadequate’ ‘not-normal’ or just simply, that you’re ‘wrong’

You’re welcome to have a free, no obligation and confidential chat by message via The Chameleon Clinic Facebook page prior to arranging a consultation. Or you can go right ahead and request an intake form by email here

An initial consultation is scheduled for 60-90 minutes, and is charged at £85, payable in advance by bank transfer, for both online and in person.

Your therapy program is then created to suit you as an individual, based on the information shared in the consultation/s.

The sessions are charged at varying rates, depending on the session length, content and therapy types selected to help you. They range from £135 to £485

Your personal therapy program will be provided by email prior to any work commencing, this will detail all costs and other information you will need before you commit.

Who / what is Sex Therapy for?

🧡Because of things like stereotypical norms, sexual misconceptions, a lack of understanding, religious upbringings, trauma and abuse, many people are unable to enjoy and embrace their own bodies, their essence of human sexuality and their sexual freedom.

🩷Whether you are a cis gendered (identifying as the sex that you were born) male or female, someone who is, or thinks they may be, part of the LGBTQ+ community, or if you have niche or kink centric sexual desires, you can and are allowed to enjoy a fulfilling, guilt free sex life.

💛Normalising sexual function, releasing shame, addressing and releasing trauma and overcoming embarrassment are all ways that Sexual Freedom therapy with The Chameleon Clinic can help you find ways to enjoy a fulfilling and satisfying sexual freedom.

💚Busting sexual myths, overcoming sexual hangups and getting rid of the incorrect information that you learned behind the bike sheds will all allow you to become free to discover what makes you tick, what you want from your sex life and what you can do to satisfy your partner in ways that you never imagined.

💫Regardless of your sex or sexuality, the following – not exhaustive – list of issues are incredibly common ways that can disrupt, stop or spoil your ability to enjoy a fulfilling sex life …

  • Having a lack of libido
  • Lacking the ability to feel aroused
  • Feeling unable to connect as a couple
  • Lacking in sexual confidence
  • Struggling to embrace sensuality
  • Having sexual anxiety
  • Problems with porn
  • Having sexual hang-ups

For men, there may also be issues with …

  • A Testosterone deficiency
  • Ejaculatory issues
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • An Impotent mind

And for women, the following things may be causing issues that are preventing full and satisfying enjoyment of sex …

  • Anorgasmia
  • Dyspareunia
  • Vaginismus
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Post birth issues

🌈Alongside all of the above, people that are part of the LGBTQ+ Community, including those that are transgender or transvestite, may find they have additional obstacles that prevent them from enjoying their sexual freedom, issues such as …

  • Not having the confidence to come out
  • Struggling with self-acceptance
  • Being unsure of their sexual identity

🌈Sexual Freedom Therapy at The Chameleon Clinic is completely inclusive for everyone, Kink friendly therapy is a little more niche, but no less needed than all of the issues we’ve looked at above – being able to find answers to some of the questions you have in your head can be enormously empowering for people that may have been led to believe that they weren’t ‘normal’ because of their sexual desires … Finding answers to the following questions is likely to be very freeing …

  • What is kink
  • What is a fetish and when is it a problem
  • Is kink friendly therapy/hypnotherapy available – yes!
  • Why am I feeling what I am feeling
  • Am I alone

What does ‘Sex Therapy’ involve? I’m not sure I’m comfortable talking about it!

We begin, at your initial consultation, with a candid and comprehensive conversation, allowing you the time to speak freely, so that Karen can begin to understand the challenges you face. This is an opportunity to gather all of the essential information, and gives her the foundation on which she will be able to create a treatment plan designed just for you.

It is vital that Karen is able to understand what you hope to achieve from this therapy and what you feel your definition of fulfilling sex is. If you’re not actually sure ‘what you like’ or ‘what you want’ we will explore this further too.

This first session also serves the purpose of removing any feelings of embarrassment or discomfort you may have when discussing sex. You’ll find that the conversation flows comfortably and easily, as we use familiar words and talk openly within a judgement-free and secure, safe space. You will feel encouraged to share your story, allowing you to take your first steps on your path to finding satisfying and fulfilling sexual freedom.

For most clients, the therapy incorporates six pivotal components:

  • Education and Myth-Busting - Because of the huge amount of misinformation from media, film, tv, the porn industry and school playgrounds. The first step we take is often to dispel myths or to impart knowledge that has been rarely shared – There is no subject that is taboo.
  • Releasing Guilt and Shame - We delve into past beliefs and experiences, as well as any and all other elements that may have contributed to feelings you have of guilt and shame about sex, and with skilfully applied, multi-faceted therapy approaches, you’ll be able to release them.
  • Addressing Trauma - Whether from abuse or from previous sexual experiences, it’s important to know that moving beyond the trauma is possible. Again, with skilfully applied multi-faceted therapy approaches, we can get rid of the trauma, the feelings and the negative emotions that it has stored within you.
  • Normalizing Sexual Function - Being able to reconnect with sexual feelings, learning how to maintain your erection, enjoying the easy relaxation of your vaginal muscles, achieving fabulous orgasms – we can cover it all, which will enable you to feel empowered as you  reclaim control over your body.
  • Communication and Connection – Is especially crucial for a satisfying sexual experience, learning these skills will help to empower and improve other aspects of your life too. Learning to understand and to be confident when you’re expressing your needs, is a very beneficial skill to have. Mastering the art of saying a confident Yes or No is another very valuable and necessary part of finding your sexual freedom.
  • Enjoyment and Granting Permission for Pleasure - Being able to fully embrace the joy of sex and gifting yourself the freedom of mind and body to experience true pleasure is the amazing, final and long lasting, step that we’ll take, in your journey to finding your sexual freedom.

How many sessions will I need?

As your plan will be created especially for you, encompassing all your desires and goals, taking all of your history into account, it is difficult to be exact before we’ve met, but generally, between 3 and 12 sessions, a couple of weeks apart, is the norm.

Why is this different to traditional sex therapy?

The Sexual Freedom Therapy offered by Karen at The Chameleon Clinic takes considerably less time than traditional talking sex therapy that is still largely based on very outdated and limited studies from the 1960s.

Traditional sex therapy tends to focus on the mechanical aspects of sex, largely uses outdated models of sexual arousal, it defines a good sexual outcome as simply reaching orgasm, when we know that it can be so much more, and it tends to be limited to heterosexual penetrative sex.

It is often based on talking to a therapist, week in and week out, for months, even years, whilst being given ‘homework tasks’ for between sessions, which in themselves can then feel mechanical and pretty lacking in spontaneity, passion or dare we say, fun!

The outcome for many people that have undergone this rather old fashioned type of therapy is that they end up with a better understanding of how they ended up with a sexual issue – but the issue still remains!

They get to a point where consciously they know that they ‘shouldn’t’ feel guilt, shame, pain etc, but, when it comes to being in a real life, consensual sexual situation, all that understanding doesn’t actually help them to be free to enjoy a fulfilling and satisfying sex life … The anxiety, pain, inability to relax and enjoy, is still there, which in many ways, can make things worse, because they know they ‘shouldn’t’ feel this way, but they do …

Why do you use hypnosis and therapy, whilst in hypnosis?

‘Hypnosis – simply means being in a ‘deeply relaxed state’

Hypnosis allows the filters of our conscious mind to be turned off, allowing real and true changes to happen, on each of the deeper subconscious levels … which allows us to …

  • Address guilt and shame at the core
  • Create new patterns of behaviour and new responses
  • Release old, outdated and unwanted beliefs
  • Create a strong mind body connection
  • Show you how to take back your sexual control
  • Lay down the foundations for positive and fulfilling sexual experiences
  • Embed the changes into the subconscious, quite literally, changing your (sex) life
  • Show you how to be truly comfortable with yourself and your desires
  • Gift yourself permission to receive pleasure
  • Show you how to communicate with yourself
  • Learn how to be comfortable to communicate your needs, wants and desires with others 

Whether you want to …

To discover who you are sexually

To be able to enjoy sex after being assaulted

To experience an orgasm – alone or with a partner

How to make sex comfortable and not painful

To learn how to get and maintain an erection

How to make sex great for your partner

Release guilt and shame

Address trauma

Normalise sexual function

Learn communication and connection

Discover sex purely for enjoyment

Learn how to give yourself permission for pleasure

Overcome embarrassment

Understand consent, and the power of Yes and No

Identify sexual misconceptions

Remove harmful, damaging and inaccurate narratives

To stop feeling ashamed or embarrassed about sex and your body

Learn how to honour your body

To get the sexual relationship with your body that you want

Discover how you really feel about your sexuality

Connect to your body and erotic self

Discover that intense pleasure through mind-body connection is available to you

Discover a deep appreciation of your sexuality

And enrich your life by setting realistic and achievable sexpectations and goals

Whether you are in a relationship or single, Gay, Straight or really not sure …

Whether you want to do this alone or with a partner …

Whether you are 18 or 80  -  Allowing yourself the pleasure of being able to enjoy your body and all of the amazing, fulfilling and satisfying sensations it can gift to you, learning how to find, understand and embrace your sexual pleasure is one of the most valuable things you will ever do for yourself – and you’re worth it!

Get in touch today to find your Sexual Freedom

I am privileged to have been educated in Sexual Freedom Hypnosis personally by the wonderfully down to earth Yorkshire woman, Kaz Riley, the award winning and world leading sex educator and bestselling author.  Kaz educates and lectures internationally and in multiple UK universities to medical professionals.


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